Biz Boost Partnership

Hello! Squared Ace Solutions is registered with the CAC and FIRS in Lagos.  The idea of this partnership is to create opportunities for a few people interested in having another good source of income, without needing to learn the required skills. All you'll need to do is post content on your social media platforms to promote our Digital Marketing Service, Biz Boost. We'll give you our promotional materials and techniques.


With this partnership, you can earn up to ₦50,000 per week and more. Kindly read through and indicate your interest if you'll like to become a partner of our Digital Marketing Service.

The Problem... And Our Solution

The major problem faced by businesses is marketing and sales. We developed Biz Boost, an effective digital business marketing system to solve this.


Biz Boost is an effective business marketing system that helps businesses get more visibility and sales for their business using techniques that deliver fast results. It's the same system we use for our own business.


Kindly visit to see details and how it works.

Financial Aspect and Sharing Formula

We charge ₦3,000 only, which gives all users lifetime access to the Biz Boost system. Out of this ₦3,000, we budget ₦1,000 for tax, hosting, payment processor fee and other operating costs. ₦2,000 is deemed as profit. As a partner, we'll share our profit with you 50 - 50. That is, you'll receive ₦1,000 for every business that signs up.


All payments with partners are processed and shared by Paystack. It is a very transparent process. Paystack collects the money from the customer, send ₦1,000 to your account and remits the balance to our account.


To get started as a partner, we'll need to create your own partner page and paystack sub account to receive your funds. This will cost ₦10,000. We'll shoulder 50% of this cost so you get to pay ₦5,000 only. Make the payment of ₦5,000 to our account below and notify us via WhatsApp on 07054590924 to get started.


Pay by bank or transfer:
Bank: FCMB-First City Monument Bank
A/c Name: Squared Ace Solutions
A/c no: 4350388015.

Feasibility Studies

Before developing this project, we did some research to be sure of the feasibility. The result was encouraging! Nigeria has millions of registered businesses and millions more unregistered. See the image below. There are lots of businesses online struggling to increase their visibility and sales. Biz Boost helps them achieve this. Kindly visit to see details and how it works.


A Sample Of Our Ad