New Media Political Advantage (NMPA)

Mobile Web Apps and Optimized Social Media Visibility For Elected Officials, Politicians, And Campaigns.


Increase Your Political Visibility and Popularity with our NMPA Solution

Politicians around the world are beginning to see the benefits of mobile technology and social media in the form of smartphone apps and social media visibility. The voters, communities, constituents and general public today are fast-paced and always on the go. Thus, politicians around the world now rely on the power of mobile apps and social media to increase their political visibility and popularity.

Our New Media Political Advantage (NMPA) solution gives you the best of both worlds and so much more. We'll help you build your name into a visible and popular political brand!

We'll develop a dynamic mobile web app for you and run optimized social media campaigns which will project you and your works to at least 20,000 people guaranteed! This can be increased to 100,000 people and continued on a monthly basis at your request.


Deliverables And Cost Implications:
1. Android and iPhone Mobile Web App development.
Cost: ₦120,000
2. Web portal development to manage the app content.
Cost: FREE!
3. Web/App annual hosting and maintenance.
Cost: ₦90,000
4. (a)Design of up to 10 picture carousel cards to showcase your works. (b)Social media strategy and campaign optimization. (c)Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to reach 100,000 people (the carousel cards will link to your mobile webapp).
Cost: ₦50,000

Total Cost:
₦260,000 (Two Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira)

We can create and optimize social media campaigns to reach up to a million people as per your requirements. We’ll give you a price quote for this.

Delivery Timeline:
Web server and mobile web app development: 1-2 weeks.
Social Media campaign: Within 1 week until we reach 20,000 people as promised.

Bonus From Us To You:
1. FREE ".app" name for your mobile web app.
2. FREE SSL for web/app data encryption and security.
3. FREE dynamic url redirection to optimize user experience. We'll setup the server to automatically detect users' devices and redirect them accordingly to either an android, iPhone or desktop version of your mobile webapp.

Performance Monitoring:
You'll be able to monitor the effectiveness of our New Media Political Advantage (NMPA) solution using Facebook analytics. It's completely controlled by Facebook so you'll see real results showing the duration and reach to be sure we'll deliver as promised.


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