Instructions on this page will guide you on how to manage your website pages, posts and eCommerce system. Should you require more assistance, kindly click here to contact us.



A. The "Update" or "Publish" buttons mentioned in this guide may be blue, brown or some other colour. Kindly take note.

1. While you can make posts, manage your store, add products, images, coupons etc on any device. All edits to your website pages SHOULD be done strictly on a laptop/desktop computer.

2. Size of all uploaded images should be less than 200kb for a fast load time. The system will reject images above 200kb. Try compress your images before upload. A good way to compress your pictures is to search for and use an online image compressor/resizer or better still,  send them to a WhatsApp contact and ask the contact to send the picture back to you. WhatsApp compresses pictures effectively. You can then use the picture you received.

3. Recommended browser for mobile use is Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone.

Managing your website pages and blog posts

Managing your store (eCommerce)